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THE LITTLE BOX FACTORY PO Box 833 Underberg, 3257 KZN Tel: 033-7011973 (When it works) Cell: 083-5487960 (Mostly works) E-mail: staytrj@gmail.com My name is Rob Stayt and I live on a farm at Underberg KZN. I am a pensioner and run a small factory of my own called THE LITTLE BOX FACTORY. I spend my time manufacturing Rustic Wooden Boxes of all sorts. All my boxes are made of locally grown pine and are rough sawn. They are nailed and glued together. I leave them with a plain wood finish so the customer may varnish or paint them to their own desires. I can also manufacture Rustic boxes to customer's requirements within the limits of 400mm. I do hope you may be interested in my products. If so, tell me which products you are interested in, or,let me know the required dimensions so I can work up samples for you. If you wish to visit my little factory, please contact me to make arrangements. Free delivery to Underberg/Himeville/Bulwer. Delivery to Pietermaritzburg and the Midlands district may be arranged. Please contact me. All other deliveries are to the customer's expense. Rob Stayt

Friday, October 14, 2011

I have accumulated a few more bits and pieces.

There are some new pics for you to look at.  And a pic of our new security equipment.  We have had a theft of some of my stuff out of the workshop.  Now we have installed a surprise for any would-be housebreakers. I have spent some time wiring the fence for electrification.  The fence energiser is now installed in a safe area of the house.  What a pity we have to live like this.

BPO Dial Speed Tester

NEC Longlines Test Set

Mickey.  He Tells You When There's a Call

The "Thing".  Does anyone know what this is?

Housebreaker's Surprise.  This Energiser Puts Out 11 000 Volts!

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