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THE LITTLE BOX FACTORY PO Box 833 Underberg, 3257 KZN Tel: 033-7011973 (When it works) Cell: 083-5487960 (Mostly works) E-mail: staytrj@gmail.com My name is Rob Stayt and I live on a farm at Underberg KZN. I am a pensioner and run a small factory of my own called THE LITTLE BOX FACTORY. I spend my time manufacturing Rustic Wooden Boxes of all sorts. All my boxes are made of locally grown pine and are rough sawn. They are nailed and glued together. I leave them with a plain wood finish so the customer may varnish or paint them to their own desires. I can also manufacture Rustic boxes to customer's requirements within the limits of 400mm. I do hope you may be interested in my products. If so, tell me which products you are interested in, or,let me know the required dimensions so I can work up samples for you. If you wish to visit my little factory, please contact me to make arrangements. Free delivery to Underberg/Himeville/Bulwer. Delivery to Pietermaritzburg and the Midlands district may be arranged. Please contact me. All other deliveries are to the customer's expense. Rob Stayt

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Pix

The Hungarian telephone photo has been added to the collection photos along with a Siemens wall phone, a Stromberg magneto phone and my old West Test Set.  So have a look see and enjoy.

The collection is being sorted into types and so it will appear more organised on my shelves.  The wall phones will soon be mounted on the office wall.  This will make things easier to look at without tripping over phones on the office floor.  Duplicate phones will be put into storage in my workshop.  So a general tidy up is imminent.

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  1. Very nice! :) Thanks a lot, I'm a huge vintage telephone lover! Where do you find all of those?

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