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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Photo's of The Collection

Series 100 CLI RSA


Type 300 "Cheesedish" RSA

Headset USA

Post Office Tapper Field Phone RSA

Military Field Phone UK

Military Field Phone RSA

Military Field Phone UK

Field Phone Germany

Siemens Wall Phone

Siemens Table Phone

Protea Phone RSA

Siemens Intercom Wall Phone

Lietch Magneto Phone US Forestry Service

Ericsson Magneto Wall Phone RSA

Siemens Table Magneto Phone RSA

Ericsson Wall Magneto Phone RSA

Protea Table Electronic Magneto Phone

South African Railways Maneto Wall Phone. Japan

Magneto Plan Phone RSA

Magneto Phone RSA

Magneto Phone RSA

Magneto Set. UK

South African Railways Table Magneto Phone. Japan

Ericsson Magneto Wall Phone
(This is the phone we had on the farm; the parrot used to chew the batteries)

Siemens Neophone with Bell Set

Centenary Phone RSA (Grey & Maroon)

"Oslo" Phone.  (The numbering on the dial gets them every time!) Norway.

House Eschange System Telephone.  "Crocodile Phone!"  UK

 CKT Payphone
(the old R5-00 coins work great with this phone)

 Ericsson wall magneto telephone

 Seimens table magneto telephone

 Siemens Universal Neophone

 TMC wall magneto telephone

 TR Services intercom telephone

Good old British Post Office uniselector

 Ericsson table telephone with transistor ringer
for use on magneto lines

Ericsson table magneto telephone

And now we make paperweights!
South African Post Office open wire insulator. 
Very much a copy of it's British Post Office counterpart.

 The Hungarian table phone

 NT Telephone Made in Germany

 Stromberg table magneto phone with wall mounted ringer/magneto box

My trusty old West Test Set

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